These are all charecters from Ragnarok: TBFM, an upcoming game of mine, more chars than a Suikoden!

This is an earlier sprite for Ragnarok, but I decided to go with the smaller style instead.

Here are some animation frames of Thor

My first drawing of a horse! For the 'Invaders!' series.

Some simple tiles from scratch, for "Blackout Entertainment".

If I ever make a Strategy RPG, I'll use sprites like this.

A car sprite, lots of work to go.

A simple unpolished animation. I'm amazed how the lips and eyes turned out.

Samurai in the Farland story style.

Onisushma! From the project I call Onisushma.

Edits of sprites from an old SD Gundam game.

An example item made for a possibly paying project. The guy never got back to me.

Albrook redrawn at 1/16th scale, Also the KR worldmap in progress.

Some original sprites from KR.

Some more original sprites from KR.

Some animated (mostly) sprites from KR.

Some battle animations for Vicks in KR.

Some window backgrounds for KR.

My first face closeup sprite.

A shiney sprite.

Some more sprites.

Tons of sprites from Ragnarok.

Bunny Soldier Mega Jammer.

A Knight guy.

Animated Wizard

These were made as part of an assesment test for Gameloft.

Game Screenshots

A shot of McMoogles. KR uses a mix of original FF6 graphics, and my own.

Toy Store.

Night time system


McMoogles band, awesomely animated.


KR poster, thrown together in 15 minutes.


A sweet dragon.

KR Logo designed in Illustrator.


Took Eddie off of the cover of Iron Maiden's Killers, took out the background in paint, reduced it to 16 colors messed with the pallete, then made the mouth open and close.

Please check out this site I recently started about making 2d games. Here.

© Chris Crawford, 2005