So what is this place you ask? And what's with the name!? Well the name, I can't help you on. This site is here to teach skills of creating 2D graphics for games. Sprites, tiles, those sorta things.

This site was put up by me, otherwise known as Wiz famous sprite and tile maker of the ages. Well not really, here's the most famous thing I've done kr0 - The official website for Kefka's Revenge.

I've been working with sprites and tiles and making games for years now, I've tought myself everything I know, and now with this site, I'm going to pass on my knowledge. I'm busy but I'll work on this site as much as possible. I know lots of people who want to learn these things. Now I don't claim to be an expert, but I'm pretty sure I know alot more then you. I may at some point decide to improve or change one of the lessons, or add new crazy ones. I always learn more as I work on games. If you have any questions, email me chriscrawford@gmail.com.

I am currently available for paid jobs.

Lesson 0: Beginner Advice
Lesson 1: The Base of a Basic Sprite
Lesson 2: Simple Animation

Portfolio: My Portfolio, Dudes.

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